ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

Meet the rich and powerful men financing Kenney’s latest attack PAC

Let’s call the political advertisements that have been flooding television, radio, and print media all October what they really are: class warfare.

PSA for politicians: How to spot your local white supremacist

Being a politician is hard. Sometimes a bunch of people dressed up as bikers with matching hoodies, patches, rockers, t-shirts and hats all RSVP and show up to your political party's pub night, and you're like, Soldiers of Odin? Whoever could these folks be?

Truly public transit is a possibility in Edmonton

Universal and freely accessible--that is, truly public transit--could be reality in Edmonton if we speak up.

From the front lines: Why we should stop house tips

(This is an email from a front line worker in the service industry who wants to tell her personal story about why we need to stop the practice of house tipping. Minor edits have been made for clarity and to anonymize her)

The Alberta Party lurches to the right

If you’ve been looking at the Alberta Party as a home for centre-left voters, you need to know about their recent right-wing shift.

Provincial street check reform must stop the unconstitutional and unnecessary practice of carding

Progress Alberta is urging the government of Alberta to carefully consider the recently released Edmonton Police Commission report on street checks as it conducts its own consultation on street check policies across the province.

Publicly funded Christian private schools using discredited teaching method

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour? Will you choose friends who will help you follow God’s Word? Do you agree to keep yourself pure by not entertaining yourself with music, TV or movies that are morally improper or present behaviour that violates God’s Word?

Such questions might not be the first thing you’d expect on an application for a tiny K-12 private school. But they’re only a small selection from the bizarre 11-page application for Calgary’s Eastside Christian Academy.

Private school advocates claim the private system saves money. It doesn't

One of the most popular arguments made by private school proponents in response to campaigns like ours is that private schools are actually “
saving the government money.”

Here’s the supposed logic: private schools receive 70 per cent of the per-student funding the public, separate and Francophone schools do. The remaining 30 per cent—and any extras—come directly from the parents. And private schools don’t receive funding for capital projects.

But there’s one part they never tell you.

Poll: 75% of Albertans want to defund elite private schools

A new poll from Environics on the issue of publicly funding private schools shows widespread support and positive momentum for defunding elite private schools and shifting funding to the public education system.