ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

To the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission - Let Us Use the Best Data

The Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission is starting its important work in just a few weeks. 

Good news story: Christian school gets Gay Straight Alliance only because Bill 10 exists

Progressives need to celebrate their victories. Here's a story to put a smile on your face. 

The five most hilarious, deranged things conservatives said in 2016

On my desktop I keep a folder named Batshit Conservative Stuff. I can't help but screencap stuff the wacky things I see on social media and put it in that folder.

Calgary Herald editorial snips out huge factual error with no real disclosure

Unsigned editorials are a quirky holdover from the history of newspapers. 

Calgary Sun columnist Rick Bell torches his credibility, stands by massive error

Rick Bell of the Calgary Sun wrote a column on Friday, December 16 where Bell along with Brian Jean and Brad Wall construct a false narrative to smear Rachel Notley to advance their political objectives.

Brian Jean misused taxpayer resources to start a new conservative political party

In Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean's year end interview with the CBC Jean mentions a potential re-brand of the Wildrose Party (which itself underwent a name change in 2011 when it dropped Alliance from its name). 

Massive Journalism Ethics Fail at the Edmonton Sun

Edmonton based Postmedia columnist Lorne Gunter wrote a column on December 6, 2016 defending Ezra Levant and the controversy surrounding him during a recent rally he held where protesters chanted “lock her up,” in regards to Premier Rachel Notley.

Poll: Saskatchewan residents reject outdated, ineffective campaign finance laws

Brad Wall Took Money From Who?

Saskatchewan has the worst campaign finance rules in Canada. Here's the proof

It was a close contest for which province has the worst campaign finance laws.