Working-class Albertans are under attack from their own government.

The UCP government cut the wages of young workers.

They’re bringing in a loophole that employers will use to screw you out of your overtime pay.

They’re giving their rich donors a massive tax break while threatening cuts to your public services.

Reasoned debate isn’t going to get through to these guys. They won't hear it. They have their earplugs in.

But even though this government has a majority grip on the Legislature we are not powerless.

We can stand up and fight back against these legislative attacks and it will work. When Alison Redford tried to take away the right to strike, the public standing together got that bill repealed. When Jim Prentice tried to get in the way of legislation to protect GSAs, the public standing together got that bill changed. If we stand together in solidarity we can make Jason Kenney back down too.

The UCP are going after workers in the public sector next. They think that if they say enough scary things about ‘big union bosses’ and government finances that they can get away with cutting the nurses and teachers and paramedics that we all rely on.

These nurses and teachers and paramedics are on the front line defending rights for all workers in Alberta and it’s time to stand with them.

We can keep you up to date so that when workers stand up, you know when and where to stand with them.

Will you say yes, I WILL pledge to stand in solidarity with Alberta’s nurses and teachers and paramedics against the UCP austerity agenda?

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Are you with us?

Yes, I will stand up to Jason Kenney.