UCP Caucus Still Flirting With The Rebel

UCP MLA Drew Barnes appears on Rebel Media only weeks after Kenney supposedly "condemns" them

Just a few months ago in August Jason Kenney condemned The Rebel's "alt-right editorial direction." Now his caucus members are already doing Rebel interviews again.

It was in the wake of Charlottesville and the murder of a progressive activist there that Canadians started to really wake up to The Rebel Media's sympathy for white supremacists and the worst of the alt-right.

Even folks who are closely tied to The Rebel -- like Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who picked up Rebel co-founder Hamish Marshall to run his 2019 campaign -- said they'd had enough and wouldn't deal with The Rebel any more.

Here in Alberta, with the help of members of the Progress Alberta community, we pressed the elected MLAs hard to tell us where they stood. The NDP, Alberta Party, and Alberta Liberal people were clear: they denounced The Rebel and committed to never use it.

Jason Kenney wasn't so clear. He claimed that he hadn't been on The Rebel in a year (actually, he'd been interviewed by them at least twice in the last year) and that his policy on them was "the same as it was for the past year." But he still tried to distance himself, posting that he "publicly condemned their alt-right editorial decisions."

Well, that didn't last long.

Fast-forward to last week, when Kenney right-hand-man Drew Barnes did a thorough 30-minute interview on The Rebel, using the time to equivocate about whether climate change is real, to insinuate that Rachel Notley is deliberately sabotaging the Alberta economy, and to repeatedly cast Alberta's teachers and nurses as villains for being in unions. It's rough stuff.

Maybe Barnes and Kenney think that people won't notice them cozying up to The Rebel if they do their interviews in the Premium section, behind a pay-wall, so only Rebel fans see it.

But we're not going to let them get away with it.

If Jason Kenney wants to play dirty and use alt-right outlets like The Rebel then he doesn't get to act clean in public.

And you can help us hold him to account too.

We've set up one of our Twitter tools below so that we can really make sure everyone knows what Kenney and his caucus are up to. Twitter's where all the journalists are -- it's where we can make sure this story gets out.

If you've got a Twitter account, click below to spread the word. If Kenney and the UCP are going to play in the mud, let's make sure they wear it.