Ezra Levant's Rebel Media now sending out Wildrose Party fundraising emails

The Wildrose Party is presumably paying Ezra Levant's company, The Rebel, to distribute fundraising messages to the Rebel's email list.

New email shows a developing business relationship between Wildrose and Rebel Media

The Wildrose Party is presumably paying Ezra Levant's company, The Rebel, to distribute fundraising messages to the Rebel's email list. 


The message is signed by Todd Loewen, the Wildrose MLA for Grande Prairie-Smoky and it has the Wildrose logo at the bottom. The top of the message has a Rebel Media banner and underneath a bar that says "Sponsored Announcement."

In the second to last paragraph the email asks for a donation of $25 to the Wildrose to help their web team reach more Albertans. 

The nature of the business relationship between Alberta's official opposition and Rebel Media is unclear at this point but the Wildrose Party’s decision to “sponsor” Rebel Media raises questions about which of the organization’s hateful and destructive views that Wildrose might also sponsor. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of views that Wildrose is helping to advance with their financial support of Rebel:

Or when he tweeted out this photoshopped picture of Omar Khadr holding a photoshopped sword to Amanda Lindhout's throat. 

Or this particular gem


And since the fundraising email mentions the carbon tax it's probably worth rehashing some of the former tobacco and oil and gas lobbyist's more colourful pronouncements on climate change. 

Levant, who is based in Toronto, described a landmark report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as “science fiction.” He has also described climate change as “a hoax” and said “global warming isn’t happening.”

It's interesting that the Wildrose would tie themselves so publicly to a man who so vehemently denies the science on climate change given how outraged they become when they're called climate change deniers.

You also have to question the judgement of the Wildrose in hitching themselves to a man who has a multi-part section in his Wikipedia profile dedicated to libel cases he's either lost or had to apologize for. 

But despite all of this I'm still left with more questions than answers.  

  • Would any other media organization sell access to  their email list for a political fundraiser? 
  • Do Brian Jean and Todd Loewen agree with Levant's views on climate change? 
  • Do the Wildrose and Rebel Media have any other business arrangements that we are not aware of?
  • If the Rebel is based in Ontario is it within the rules for them to be sending out fundraising emails for an Alberta political party?'

If you have any answers to these questions hit me up [email protected]