George Clark is now openly campaigning for the Wildrose Party

Wildrose MLA gives a nice little shout-out to the #kudatah movement in Question period

And a Wildrose MLA gives a nice little shout-out to the #kudatah movement in Question period 

So it seems George Clark has abandoned all pretense of non-partisanship. Clark, and his merry band of devotees are now actively campaigning for the Wildrose Party in the Calgary Greenway byelection. A screenshot from his wall. 


As you can see, Clark is advocating for his followers to donate money and volunteer for the Wildrose candidate in the Calgary Greenway byelection. This is after he said again and again he would remain above the fray and not engage in partisan politics. It's only the 37th time he's moved the goalposts on what he's said and what actually transpires, but who's counting? 

Now, do the Wildrose want to be associated with and accept the help of a man who originally thought he had found some obscure legal loophole that could topple our duly elected provincial government? A man who consistently compares the NDP to Nazis? A man who held a rally featuring this sign? 


Of course they do! Here's the Wildrose flag flying proudly next to the Alberta Separatist flag at the same rally. 


And here's Grant Hunter, the Wildrose MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner giving a shoutout to the #kudatah movement in Question Period on March 14, 2016. 

Here's the transcript:

Grant Hunter: "Now we have seen over the last 10 months where many people throughout this province had said, 'We are not happy with what's going on.' They have tried every way they can, Mr. Speaker. They have tried to write letters. They have tried to sign petitions. They have tried to come to the legislature, to speak through blow horns. They have tried everything they can to help this legislative body know their will, those things seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Now they have asked us, the elected representatives for their constituencies, to represent them once again, to bring forward a bill so they can have the opportunity to be able to say what they think and so these legislators will listen. I don't think it's difficult to ask for." 

Hunter is referring to his party's second doomed attempt, in this session alone, to institute recall legislation through a private member's bill. And if you go back and read the quote it certainly seems it was the George Clark crew behind the Wildrose Party's second attempt at a recall bill. After their crackpot schemes to topple the NDP government failed they had the Wildrose trot out recall legislation as a last resort.

Now, I can understand this kind of specious and faulty reasoning from George Clark. But Alberta's official opposition? We deserve better.