Thanks, Jason!

Jason Kenney really helped Progress Alberta raise money for Pro-Choice YQL. Come sign the thank-you card!

For most folks, the abortion issue is a done deal.

It's legal--folks can access abortion clinics if they need to--and we're okay with that.

But Jason Kenney and the UCP aren't.

When the Alberta government introduced new legislation to help reduce incidents of harassment, abuse, and intimidation at abortion clinics, the UCP threw a fit. They walked off the job and refused to even debate it.

And thanks to that stunt, access to abortion did become a big issue again--it dominated the news cycle in Alberta for nearly two weeks.

That increased attention was instrumental in helping us raise over $4,000 for Pro Choice YQL, an organization that helps folks in southern Alberta get to and access the clinic in Calgary.

We're saying thanks, Jason! Thanks for all that you did to raise awareness and make this fundraiser a success.

(Even if that's not what you wanted.)

If you'd like to say thanks, Jason! too--add your name to this form. We'll put you on the thank-you card!

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