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The stakes have never been higher in a provincial election. Jason Kenney would be a disaster as premier of Alberta.

Our public healthcare and education system is at risk of being stripped for parts by Kenney's pals. Kenney wants to implement crushing austerity on regular Albertans while giving a $700 million tax break to the richest Albertans. He wants to snatch money away from people with disabilities, young folks and servers and roll back the minimum wage. He wants to crush organized labour.

But we can stop it. It's time for the people to step up and stop Kenney.

Research shows that the single most effective form of political action is the one-on-one conversation. The Stop Kenney campaign is a people powered campaign bent on having tens of thousands of one-on-one conversations about voting in the next election. We might not have the cash that Kenney's big corporate buddies have but we have the numbers

Progress Alberta will give you the tools, training and direction you need to both organize in your own communities and have as many conversations as possible.   

Will you be part of that effort? Take the pledge today to get on board, and we'll be in touch.

Are you with us?

Yes, I will stand up to Jason Kenney.

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