Stand up for harm reduction

The UCP government's cynical attacks on harm reduction services need to end. Send a letter today to the SCS review panel

The UCP government has convened another one of its stacked panels--this time to examine the safe consumption sites that are saving people from overdoses in several of Alberta's major cities.

As is becoming the standard with this government, the panel has been crammed with folks who support Kenney and his desire to roll back and restrict access to these life-saving healthcare facilities. But there may be at least one or two panelists who are willing to dissent, and it's not too late to make an appeal to their conscience.

Supervised consumption sites do one thing really well – they save lives. They don't deal with the root causes of homelessness, inequality or intergenerational trauma, that's up to us as a society. And while the UCP may try and talk about treatment we're all bracing for massive cuts to our healthcare system that are coming in the next budget. 

We need to make sure that this panel knows that the public supports harm reduction – and that we've had enough of these senseless attacks on harm reduction services that are reverses thousands of overdoses each year.

Use our letter tool to contact the panel. Urge them to do the right thing.

We have less than two weeks before consultations close, so send a letter today!