Save our libraries!

Alberta's public libraries are important, and cutting their funding is wrong. Contact your representative today

The big main batch of UCP cuts isn’t coming until November, but some programs and services are already getting squeezed--including our public libraries.

Following in the footsteps of conservative governments in Saskatchewan and Ontario the UCP are holding back funding for libraries across the province. They’re only getting half of their funds, and the government is refusing to commit to any more funding in the provincial budget, due in October.

By this time in 2015 the new NDP government had already provided three quarters of libraries’ funding and had guaranteed the rest with a special ministerial order. There’s no reason that can’t happen again. With a snap of the Minister’s fingers, this funding gap could be instantly closed.

Alberta’s public libraries make up a very modest portion of the provincial budget, and in return provide access to education, recreation, and public spaces that anchor many neighborhoods and communities.

We’ve put this letter tool up so you can tell your MLA and the minister that libraries matter to you.

Tell them you want reliable library funding to be a priority.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs could by special order guarantee library funding today. Let’s speak up and tell him to act!