Reverse the cuts to AISH!

Stand with us as we demand the UCP government undo the cuts to AISH!

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Goal: 2,000 pledges

Jason Kenney's new austerity budget is horrific but one change is especially cruel and perverse. 

The UCP are cutting AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) by 'de-indexing' it from the cost of living. 1

Kenney's cut slashes more than $10 million away from AISH in just one year. And every year that AISH remains de-indexed, it falls further behind.

People on AISH have medical conditions or disabilities that mean they can't work. They need these benefits to live.

Despite what Jason Kenney says we know there's enough in the provincial budget to support people on AISH, who are some of Alberta's poorest and most vulnerable folks. We know because just weeks ago Kenney and the UCP gave a gigantic tax handout to corporations estimated to cost the government $4.7 billion over the next four years.

This year alone Jason Kenney's corporate tax cut would pay the cost of living increase for everyone on AISH thirty-five times over. 2

The UCP won't listen to your phone calls about this. They won't consider your polite letter-to-the-editor. The only way to force them to stop slashing benefits to the poor to give handouts to the rich is to stand up, united, with so many of us that they can't ignore it.

Will you stand with us to demand the UCP undo the cuts to AISH?

[1] UCP’s new budget met with outrage over the untying of disability benefits to inflation, Star Edmonton, October 25 2019

[2] Jason Kenney says UCP would cut Alberta's corporate tax rate to 8%, the lowest in Canada, CBC Calgary, March 25