Public Funding of Private Schools Across Canada

Alberta has the most expensive public subsidies of private schools in Canada. Here's the proof.

Five provinces in Canada publicly subsidize private schools: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec.

Five provinces do not give a single taxpayer dollar to private schools: Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Public schools in Alberta are funded on a per student basis. The funding follows the student, not the school or the school board. That same principle is applied to the public subsidies that private schools get in Alberta. And in Alberta a private school would get 70 per cent of what a public school would get on a per student basis.

Of the provinces that do give public, taxpayer funded subsidies to private schools here is what they receive in operating dollars from their provincial governments on a per student basis compared to what an equivalent public school would get for the same student. 

Alberta has the most expensive private school system, on a per capita basis, of any province in Canada. Albertans pay the highest ratio of public dollars to private schools compared to every other province. 

Despite there being no funding for private schools in Ontario the province has a higher amount of private school students than Alberta according to a Fraser Institute report released in October 2015.

In Ontario 5.6 per cent of students are enrolled in private schools while in Alberta only 3.6 per cent of students are enrolled in private schools despite Alberta having the largest public subsidy of private schools of any province in Canada. 

In Alberta private schools (not including special education schools) rake in more than $100 million a year in public taxpayer funds. It's time to stop this shameful waste of taxpayer money. And it's time to invest in a stronger public education system. 

A strong public education system is a cornerstone of our democratic system. We only have to look south of the border to see what happens when religious, cultural and economic divisions are allowed to separate us.  

Elite private schools are expensive, unfair and downright wasteful. Sign our petition to send the message to the education minister: "Stop Wasteful Spending on Private Schools." Take action now before spending is locked into another budget.