Protect Your Pension

Canadians' pensions aren't there to be Jason Kenney's slush fund. Pledge today to stand up and protect your pension!

Jason Kenney’s new ‘Wexit panel’ is floating a lot of bad ideas, and here’s the worst of them.

Kenney wants to get back at Justin Trudeau by taking Albertan's pensions out of the Canada Pension Plan and putting them under the control of the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.

It’s not a good deal for pensioners--the CPP got nearly a 12% return on investments in 2018 [1], while AIMCo scraped out a mere 2.3% [2].

But what’s even worse is it puts your pension under the thumb of the UCP.

The UCP are already itching to get their hands on that money and turn it into a slush fund. In the Calgary Herald on November 6, Don Braid reported that government officials told him “there could be a strategic advantage for Alberta development... with many lenders shunning oil and gas, AIMCo might buy more stakes in the industry.

Canadians paid their own hard-earned money into the CPP and that money isn’t there for Jason Kenney to hand out to the floundering fossil fuel businesses of his rich donors.

If you want Jason Kenney to keep his hands off the CPP, sign our petition today. Pledge to stand up and fight to protect our pensions.




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