The coronavirus pandemic has hit Alberta.

This SARS-like disease is incredibly infectious and dangerously lethal to seniors, immunocompromised people, and people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

There is a powerful tool at the Alberta government’s disposal but your MLAs are not picking it up. That tool is legislated paid sick leave.

Unpaid sick days don’t do enough to keep sick people out of the workplace. The fact is that many Albertans are working paycheque to paycheque and simply can’t afford to take unpaid days off.

And that’s not just kids working at comic shops. That’s folks working at your local Tim’s, the cashier at the grocery store, caregivers working at the senior care facility down the road. The Albertans who can’t afford to take unpaid sick days are the same ones working in places where sick workers are most dangerous.

The government needs to bring in legislation immediately to require paid sick leave during pandemics. Coronavirus is here now. We don’t have any more time to debate or study this issue. Write to your MLA today and urge them to bring in legislated paid sick leave immediately!