Open letter to Rachel Notley on methane

Stopping industrial methane leaks is an efficient and low-cost way to take a big chunk out of Alberta's greenhouse gas emissions. We're calling on the government to enact strong and smart regulations

Methane is the Rodney Dangerfield of greenhouse gases. It gets no respect.

While the pipeline debate has sucked up all the oxygen around climate change in this province, let's be real: one pipeline isn't going to single-handedly save Alberta's economy or destroy the Earth's climate.

But right under our nose the issue of methane has been bubbling. As the government of Alberta is in the process of drawing up methane regulations we need to start talking about this extremely potent greenhouse gas

In 2014 methane emissions from Alberta's oil and gas sector accounted for 70 per cent of the province's methane emissions with the rest coming from agriculture, landfills and a couple of other sources. And methane accounts for 25 per cent of all greenhouse gas pollution from the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Now there are new reports coming out that we're drastically undercounting methane pollution from oil and gas infrastructure

Methane regulations to stop or curb methane from leaking, being vented, or flared are the cheapest and easiest way to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. It's the absolute lowest hanging fruit. And it's not just us saying that -- it's the right-leaning C.D. Howe Institute

It's also about fairness. Everyone in Alberta is paying a carbon tax on the gas they buy and the natural gas they use to heat their homes. But industry gets a free ride. We have to pay a levy when we use fuels that are hard on the environment, but these companies are causing widespread damage and don't have to pay a dime.

All of these reasons are why we banded together with groups from the environmental, business and labour worlds to write an open letter to Premier Rachel Notley explaining the need for smart, effective and fair methane regulations

You can help. Use our tool to reach out to the Premier and your MLA and let them know that you want real action taken on this growing problem.​