ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

Get to know the PC Party's newest director: Arch-conservative Craig Chandler

Four things you might not know about the conservative activist with a checkered past

Why we're filing an ethics complaint against Robin Campbell, president of the Coal Association of Canada

We want to know if the former Tory cabinet minister is violating the Conflict of Interest act

An Alberta solar boom is coming: Almost a billion dollars worth of projects are in development

Alberta on track for 2000 megawatts of solar by 2025, 385 megawatts in development pipeline right now

Meet Iron and Earth: A worker led initiative to re-train oilsands workers for the renewable sector

They want to retrain 1000 electrical workers on 100 different solar projects by 2018

Former PC cabinet minister Robin Campbell was in favour of coal phaseout before becoming president of the Coal Association of Canada

Funny that 

George Clark is now openly campaigning for the Wildrose Party

And a Wildrose MLA gives a nice little shout-out to the #kudatah movement in Question period 

Wildrose MLA isn't convinced on the science of climate change: Demands evidence

A recent Question Period clip shows how the Wildrose really feel about climate change

We debunk the latest crazy and wrong anti-LGBTQ guideline pamphlet

It's worse than you think 

#Kudatah Report: How a right wing rally started off being funny and ended up being scary

Yes Martha, there is still a dark underbelly of racism and homophobia in Alberta

How big coal in Alberta is privatizing the profits and socializing the risks

There's good news and bad news with the news that TransCanada is terminating coal power contracts. Let's start with the bad news