ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

Good news story: How 500 Albertan schools bought in early on wind energy

Now that they're hedged against carbon risk they can devote more money to the classroom 

Alberta’s grid sets record highs for wind and record lows for coal

"A sign of things to come," says Calgary based renewable energy developer

Poll shows overwhelming support for action on payday lending

Even George Clark agrees, it's time to act on payday lending

The Wildrose are still playing footsie with tired old climate denial arguments

Wildrose MLAs breaking out the old climate denial songbook on social media

Wildrose MLA Grant Hunter explains how everything is communism

And don't go looking for any "guarantees" if you're a single mother of three kids. It's a sign of an entitled mentality. 

St. Albert Catholic school board has spent over $367,000 taxpayer dollars to fire a teacher for being transgender

This is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds and it needs to stop 

Coal executive shocked that their bad decision in 2011 is a bad decision today

“We could have never foreseen that the carbon debate would become so big that coal would be shut down.”

Poll shows big public support for defunding private and charter schools

What you need to know about the 2016 Alberta budget

From the details of the carbon tax to how much we raked in lottery and gaming revenue we've got a progressive roundup of the budget

A very revealing conservative pipeline freakout

"If there's a doomsday scenario and [the Alberta NDP] actually get a pipeline built. If that ever happens they're going to govern for the next twenty years."