ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

The Wildrose lobbyists behind Jason Kenney's campaign to take over the PC Party

Unite Alberta Ltd.'s registered office is the same office of two Wildrosers turned lobbyists

Jason Kenney is wrong: Unite Alberta is not a non-profit at all

With Unite Alberta Ltd. operating in legal grey zone why is the Kenney campaign saying Unite Alberta is a non-profit when it isn't?

PPA lawsuit means government is fighting big utilities that want to privatize profits and socialize risks

How a 16 year-old Ralph Klein time bomb went off and put all Albertans at risk 

Progress Alberta calls for wage rollback of anti-minimum wage advocates

Ezra Levant's Rebel Media now sending out Wildrose Party fundraising emails

New email shows a developing business relationship between Wildrose and Rebel Media

Paige MacPherson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is not a scientist

She's also not an economist but that doesn't stop her from talking about the economy

The Wildrose Party's latest climate denial gong show

Wildrose Party president, Jeff Callaway, loves tweeting about the GLOBAL CARBON SCAM and other assorted climate nonsense

Conservatives love carbon taxes - Who knew?

Everyone except Brian Jean it would seem

Brian Jean, purported environmentalist and wind energy supporter, is a carbon tax flip flopper

What has Brian Jean actually said about the climate change, wind energy and carbon pricing?

Good news story: How 500 Albertan schools bought in early on wind energy

Now that they're hedged against carbon risk they can devote more money to the classroom