Why we filed two complaints with the National NewsMedia Council

Plus a Postmedia Petition follow up

As promised we sent our Postmedia Petition to Lorne Motley, the vice president of editorial for western Canada for Postmedia. 

Almost 700 Albertans demanded better of Postmedia in Alberta when it comes to their coverage of both climate change and of Alberta's climate change plan. Here is the correspondence I sent to Motley.

Hi Lorne

The petition is attached. 

I think you should take a moment to consider that there are nearly 700 Albertans that want to see Postmedia do better, especially on coverage of climate change and of Alberta's climate leadership plan. 
Just because Alberta's right wing freaked out about the carbon tax doesn't mean your newspapers had to. And while it's encouraging to see the disclosure note added to Lorne Gunter's column and the editor's note appended to the Calgary Herald editorial that falsely claimed the government hadn't consulted on the carbon tax Postmedia still needs to do better. 
There's still been no retraction or correction of Rick Bell's column where he cravenly and falsely stated that Rachel Notley declined a post dinner bus. An allegation that had exactly one source, Brad Wall. And an allegation that was refuted by the premier's office yet made to seem in the story that they had confirmed it. It was dishonest and Postmedia in Alberta needs to do better. 
I think those words speak for themselves. 

I also wanted to let you know that I have filed two separate complaints with the National NewsMedia Council in regards to the Rick Bell column and the Lorne Gunter column with the tardy and incomplete disclosure. 
And yes Alberta has filed two complaints with the National NewsMedia Council. We will keep you abreast of any progress and of response from Mr. Motley. 
Due to the late and incomplete nature of the disclosure with the Lorne Gunter plus the seeming lack of any correction or notice in the print version in the newspaper we decided to file a complaint. How Postmedia's disclosure policy works is a mystery at the moment and we'd love to learn more. 
And the Rick Bell column on Notley "declining" a bus is just low quality journalism that needs to be addressed.