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Goal: $5,000.00

Progress Alberta has increasingly come under siege by threats of vexatious lawsuits, and we need help.

They’re called ‘SLAPP’ suits--strategic lawsuits against public participation. They’re used by folks with deep pockets to push around those who don’t.

The latest threats--the ones prompting us to set up this legal defense fund--come from The Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant, who is threatening to sue our staff over a Tweet.

Progress Alberta isn’t sitting on piles of money for legal battles, but our enemies have deep pockets. 

Progress Alberta opposes Alberta’s multi-million dollar elite private school industry. We speak out against the bad apples in the oil industry corporate offices who are making Alberta look like a province of climate-change-deniers. We push back against extreme right-wing media operations and their endless piles of shadowy funding. And we advocate constantly that Alberta’s super-rich ought to be paying their fair share.

The folks we’re up against have all the lawyer money they need, and they do not like what we are up to.

Progress Alberta has been targeted by SLAPP lawsuits before and we can’t even tell you the details because we didn’t have the money to fight back in court.

We’re being backed into a corner. We can’t keep compromising, negotiating, and appeasing these forces while they chip away, issue by issue, about what Progress Alberta can talk about.

Please, help us stand up to people like Ezra Levant. Help us fight back against their legal threats. Any contribution you can make, we’ll greatly appreciate.

Who's donating: from Winnipeg, MB, Canada donated. Thank you!