Kerry Diotte Goes Full Trump

Why is this Member of Parliament tweeting threats?

Political discourse is getting worse in Alberta and a certain Edmonton Member of Parliament is right in the thick of it.

After Press Progress broke the story that interim United Conservative Party leader Nathan Cooper was a spokesman for Canada Family Action, a radical conservative group opposed to LGBTQ rights, Edmonton-Griesbach MP Kerry Diotte went online to theaten us and call us a "Fake News outfit." 


This is pure Trump politics rearing its ugly head in Alberta. 

This is the same MP Diotte who pals around with Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant, and The Rebel. This is the same MP who has been cynically stirring outrage against safe injection sites in Edmonton in order to build his email list. And the same MP who has been working with his conservative colleagues to encourage the worst in people with outrageous statements about the Omar Khadr settlement.

Maybe people who live in #fakehouses shouldn’t throw stones.

First of all – we’re not Press Progress, Kerry, you weirdo.

But even if we were it’s not all right to level threats at people you disagree with.

And it’s definitely not okay for a Member of Parliament to use his platform and followers to intimidate people for their political speech.

Kerry deleted his post the next morning but he hasn’t had the guts to apologize for it.

Do you think he should get away with that?

We think he shouldn’t be able to hide what he said. So we preserved his outburst for you.

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