Is Edmonton city council flirting with privatized transit again?

Edmonton's city council has been shaken up a bit by the recent municipal election -- and now it looks like pro-privatization advocates want to re-open this summer's debate about ETS.

We've received word that councillor Andrew Knack (Ward 1) would like to resuscitate the debate about replacing parts of Edmonton's public transit system with private services.

By now, you've heard the arguments from us about how important public transit is. It's more accountable, more accessible, and more equitable.

But has your city councillor heard from you?

Several of Edmonton's councillors are completely fresh. They haven't taken one side or the other on this issue. And that means you, as a constituent, have an opportunity to sway them before they decide.

The very best thing to do would be to give them a call. If you can, please do.

But if you're not up to a phone call we've got an even easier option for you and it's our letter tool. Use our tool to send a quick note to your councillor and make sure they know you want your public transit to be public transit.