George Clark's secret plan all along has been to join the NDP

George Clark's secret plan all along has been to join the NDP

Quotes and audio from the #kudatah announcement that is shaking Alberta

IMG_7985.jpgNext to a fifth wheel in the parking lot of a Walmart in southwest Calgary George Clark made his long secret plan to somehow magically remove the NDP from office known to the world.  Here is the audio. There is a chunk of audio missing at the beginning, but it is by and large complete. 

Below are some of the best quotes. All are from George Clark unless otherwise noted

  • “We were not going to announce what we were going to do until March 8th because we were being mocked on social media as planning a “kudatah”, of taking over a government.”
  • "I’m calling upon the entire province to jump up and let’s have 500,000 new NDP members. Let’s have her listen to Albertans first. (light cheering). Not the NDP caucus in Alberta, not Socialist International. Hear what we say and do not allow a single Albertan to face that cry of despair to the point where he takes his own life. That cannot continue and it’s up to us, we have the power to simply participate and ask the premier to do you want party of Alberta? Listen to our voice. Our voice says do measures for Alberta not for NDP party policy that might take us on a path none of us wants.”
  • IMG_7994.jpgJames Wood: “There was discussion at some point that you were going to have some mechanism to unseat the government.”
  • George Clark: “I never said that. Journalists put out false theories and then interviewed so called experts to ask about those false theories and then wrote great big assumptions about what we were going to do. No. All along we knew that if we weren’t listened to as ordinary Albertans our only way was to become Alberta NDP members.”
  • James Wood: "So this was your plan all along?"
  • George Clark: "Absolutely"
  • “Indications we have are that for every insulted Albertan who’s voice on those petitions is ignored we’ll have five people join. So possibly 400,000 people will join.”
  • IMG_7992.jpgDuncan Kinney “Do you still plan on taking your petition to the Queen if the Lieutenant Governor ignores your petition.”
  • George Clark: "The Lieutenant Governor will not get our petition unless we know in advance that our wishes are to be respected. It will go to the Queen so that the NDP Party doesn’t have access to our membership list.”
  • Duncan Kinney: "Who do you expect to take the petition on March 8th?"
  • George Clark: "I will have an answer from Premier Notley and the Lieutenant Governor as to whether they wish to hold the plebiscite or not before March 8th and should they choose not to hold the plebiscites the plebiscite and all the signatures will not go to them. It will go to the monarchy in London.”

All in all.