Wildrose MLA Grant Hunter explains how everything is communism

And don't go looking for any "guarantees" in education, security or social services if you're a single mother of three kids. It's a sign of an entitled mentality.

And don't go looking for any "guarantees" if you're a single mother of three kids. It's a sign of an entitled mentality. 

In a long and rambling statement about the minimum wage Wildrose MLA Grant Hunter entered some very weird territory in the Alberta Legislature on May, 9, 2016.

While his heart bleeds for the single mother of three kids he doesn't offer anything in terms of how we should support her but instead talks about the difference between a charity and a tax and compares the state offering its citizens a guarantee (education? social services? bankruptcy and labour laws?) the same thing as communism.

And remember, that single mother of three kids did not ask for a guarantee when she came to Canada (?), no she came here looking for opportunity. 

Also, Hunter takes umbrage when his NDP colleagues on the other side of the house start a statement with "Everyone deserves..."

Apparently it's a sign of an entitled mentality to believe that everyone deserves:

  • an education
  • to be free of discrimination
  • an opportunity to contribute to society
  • to participate in our political system 

Hansard, May 9, 2016

"I am concerned about the single mom with three young children, absolutely. We should be in this House concerned about the single mom with three young children. She's got a hard go to be able to make it work here. We have increases in costs that she has to deal with. These things are something that we should be compassionate about. These are things that we should really say: “You know what? How can we help?” But remember this: the difference between a tax and charity is that the tax is mandated; charity is freely given. So when I hear the argument saying, “You know what? We should do more,” guess what? In reality, when they came to this great country, people came here not for a guarantee. They came for an opportunity. They did not ask for a guarantee. In communist countries they got a guarantee. That is not what we offer in Canada."


"Mr. Speaker, I just want to establish once again, really, you know, the truism that the only guarantees in life are
death and taxes. Every time I have heard in this House a member from the opposite side say, “Everyone deserves” – no. That's an entitled mentality."