Edmonton city council to discuss privatized transit on July 5

City council is meeting on July 5 to discuss a plan that would bring privatized transit to Edmonton -- and cut public services! Time is running out -- use our easy tool to call your councilor before the meeting.

Edmonton's city council meets on July 5 to debate their proposed transit strategy -- which includes possibly cutting service in low-ridership areas and replacing it with privatize transportation companies like Uber. Now's the time to reach out to your councillor and tell them to keep public transit public.

We broke down the problems with Edmonton's new transit strategy in a recent article. The biggest issue is privatization -- replacing our good public services with sketchy private substitutes. This is the wrong way to go and we need to make sure city council knows it.

On Wednesday, July 5, this bad transit strategy will be up for debate in city council, which means if you want to speak out, there's not much time left. If you can attend the meeting, please contact us at [email protected].

To help you get in touch, we've put together this tool that will put you on the phone with your city councilor. Call today while there's still time!