Should Albertans be paying for unite-the-right breakfasts?

Should Albertans be paying for unite-the-right breakfasts? And if we are, shouldn't we tip better than 6 per cent?

And if we are, shouldn't we tip better than 6 per cent?

Not only is Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrant the type of person who would tip six per cent and expense a $2.50 parking chit but he's also the type of person who would rather have the government pay for a fancy breakfast with unite-the-right enthusiast Preston Manning.


As you can see from the screenshot. It appears as if Fildebrant enjoyed a Sunrise Breakfast with "Mr. Manning" at the Fairmont Palliser's Rimrock Restaurant the morning of Tuesday, September 1st, 2015.

You can find the receipt for breakfast on page 9 and the parking receipt on page 6 of Fildebrandt's latest expense report. These quarterly expense reports from sitting MLAs were brought in under Alison Redford's regime. 

Derek_Fildebrandt__MLA.jpgOf course Fildebrandt is well within his right to tip only six per cent but for a politician whose party has railed against the raising of Alberta's minimum wage it seems a little hypocritical to leave such a tiny token of one's appreciation. 

And for someone who's spent so much of his career railing against government waste it is interesting to see what exactly is a stakeholder meeting when you finally get a government expense account. I wonder what Mr. Fildebrandt and Mr. Manning talked about? 

As recently as December, 2015 Fildebrandt was talking about how the Wildrose and the PCs were in those whimsical early days of dating.

"We’ve gone out for drinks together and we’re at that ambiguous stage — are we just friends or was that a date?” 

In a February 6th, 2016 note to Alberta conservatives Manning asked for their help in bringing the feuding parties together and said work is underway to create a steering group “to guide the unification process.” 

But the question has to be asked. Should the taxpayer be paying for unite-the-right confabs over bacon and eggs at the Fairmont Palliser? And if we are shouldn't we tip better than six per cent?