It looks like a group of men were racially profiled by a gym and harassed and carded by police this past weekend in Edmonton.

So far the media aren't covering this shocking incident but thankfully there's a video showing some of the incident below.

A group of young black men were playing basketball at Full Force Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Edmonton on the weekend. They were university students, high school students and one young man in Grade 9.

A staff member asked them to leave saying that they were closing the gym -- but other customers were being allowed to enter, they were the only people getting kicked out. They asked why. Instead of answering the question the staff member called the police.

This is where the video starts with the police showing up to the gym. One of the young men involved tries to explain what has happened but is cut off by the cop who asks "Do you all have ID?" When he asks why the cop says, "He just wants to know who I'm talking to."

All Canadians have a Charter right against undue search and seizure. You don't have to provide your ID if you're not arrested or detained and it's not a crime for you to say no. But watch what happens to these young men when they try to assert their rights.

This is carding. And it needs to end.

We need to get to the bottom to this incident and we need your help.

We're partnering up with Edmonton Quotient to hire a professional reporter to investigate. If the big media outlets aren't picking this up, we need to make sure these young men have their story heard.

And everyone needs to know that what this officer did -- threatening to arrest people if they don't give up their Charter rights -- is unacceptable.

What we need is for folks to chip in to help us pay the reporter.

If 25 folks step up with $20 we can cover the writer's wage entirely.

You'll be helping us shed light on this story while supporting independent reporting here in Alberta.

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