Kudos to the Minister

Jason Kenney and his anti-LGBTQ2 backers pushed as hard as they could against the government's student privacy law Bill 24 -- but Albertans pushed back.

With rallies, demonstrations, op-eds, and hundreds of letters to the Minister of Education, Albertans stood up and called on David Eggen and his colleagues to stand firm on Bill 24, the law to protect the privacy of students who join gay-straight alliances. And we're glad to say that Eggen did just that.

Knowing the UCP, this won't be the last time we have to stand up to an attack on our fellow Albertans. But for now, we've got a win. And if you appreciate that as much as we do, we hope you'll take a moment to send Minister Eggen a quick thank-you for being steadfast. You can do that with our tool below -- just enter your email address and postal code.