RAW VIDEO: Timeline of the Alan Hallman altercation at the PC Leadership convention

Political operative Allan Hallman, former field organizer for Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign, was involved in an altercation at the convention.

By Duncan Kinney 

The PC leadership convention got off to a controversial start Friday night.

Political operative Allan Hallman, former field organizer for Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign, was involved in an incident at the convention. Hallman was ejected from the Telus Convention Centre, given a 48-hour trespass ban and allegedly punched a security guard. He was handcuffed and detained by security and questioned by police. According to News Talk 770 he was charged with common assault. Hallman has released a statement.

I registered as an observer for the PC Leadership Convention and here is what I observed last night:  

Roughly around 11:30 p.m., I went outside to witness a disturbance in front of the Convention Centre on Stephen Avenue.

A man was on the ground on the sidewalk in handcuffs surrounded by security guards and delegates. 

There were some tense moments as someone asked, "Who is the arresting officer?" That person, who was in the face of the security guard, is led away by friends.

Tensions mounted further as someone tried to take pictures of the man on the ground in handcuffs and people confronted that person trying to take pictures, asking him to stop. He was led away by friends.

There was a broken Movado watch on the ground. 

At one point Craig Chandler, a former PC board member, said to the crowd, "Can everyone go in who wants the party to succeed. Just go in." He followed that comment with, "This was supposed to be about unity."

Craig Chandler asked for calm and requested the security guards to remove the individual in handcuffs from the street. The group of security guards, staff and the man in the handcuffs all entered the Convention Centre and went into a small room with frosted window glass.

At this point I learned the person in the handcuffs was Allan Hallman.

I asked two security guards, "What happened, who punched who?"

One of the security guards told me, "I was punched." At this point I also learned that the Calgary Police had been called.

Various party members and friends were furiously working their phones. At one point Jonathan Denis, a former PC government Minister of Justice, showed up and identified himself as a lawyer. He was escorted into the room where Allan Hallman was being held. 

Around 12:35 a.m. the police showed up. They undertook their investigation and recorded statements.  According to a conversation between the security guard and the police, the alleged punch occurred after Hallman was given a verbal trespassing ban.

Here is the transcript of that conversation between the officer and the security guard.

Security guard: "We got him outside we gave him a 48 hour verbal trespass ban from that building and this building because we have an event tomorrow night. He said "ok" or something to that effect, turned around, swung at my face, kind of half connected, kind of missed. You can see his fingernails here. Ripped my shirt."


Security guard: "We were told by the client to remove him."

Police officer: "By the organizer?"

Security guard: "Yeah."

Around 1:10 a.m., Hallman was released and he left, escorted by a group of individuals including Jonathan Denis to a waiting SUV, not taking questions from media.

Following their exit, a member of the media asked one of the Calgary Police officers for a statement.

"I can see this as getting political so I'm not getting embroiled in it. I'll leave someone far better qualified to make a comment," the officer said. 

Alan Hallman is a longtime member of the PC party who was suspended from the PC party for one year after abusive online behaviour. Though he was eventually removed from Kenney's campaign, Kenney did tweet this message out on January, 16, 2017.