Hi folks,

At Progress Alberta we're very interested in building capacity among progressive organizers of all kinds. We think there's more to politics than elections -- that real progress needs long-term investments -- and that political skills shouldn't be hoarded by a clique of consultants and party staffers.

But if we're going to plan out a training weekend we need a strong sense of what skills folks are lacking. And that's why we (or someone you know) have forwarded you this survey page. For these training sessions we'll be focusing on technical skills.

Here's how it works: pick which of the two choices on offer appeals to you the most. Continue doing this for as long as you like. And if you have a suggestion, please use the button to add it to the list of options. (Our administrator will review it to make sure that it's something we're capable of doing, then add it to the mix if it fits.)

Please share this with other progressive activists IF you think that they would be likely to attend a training session. Our first planned session would be in Edmonton so we're particularly focused on identifying the training needs of Edmonton-area folks.

Since we really want to focus on the needs of likely attendees, we'd ask that you don't post this on your social media, but instead send it directly to the specific folks you have in mind.

Thank you for your participation!