Tenants deserve greater legal protections

Residents and the RAM stand in solidarity outside Kensington Manor

Pictured: Kensington Manor residents and members of the Renters' Action Movement stand in solidarity outside the residence. This post is presented on behalf of RAM.

On November 23, Kensington Manor tenants were evacuated with 15 minutes' notice from their building after City inspectors deemed it at imminent risk of collapse. Displaced tenants have now organized to air grievances and demand answers to their questions, but National Equity Management Ltd has ignored tenants’ attempts to communicate and are attempting to wash their hands of the problem they have created by distancing themselves from the building.

Legislation in this province failed to help the displaced Kensington Manor tenants. They have received no response from the person who is currently managing the property. Nor were they been given accommodation after the evacuation when the property management company knew the building was at risk of becoming structurally unsound. Tenants received only $250 in compensation when they had to fully cover the costs of moving, emergency accommodations and lost wages. No tenant’s insurance has covered anyone’s expenses.

Displaced residents have been organizing with Renters Action Movement to ensure that no renter has to live through a situation like this again. It is time the broken laws and enforcements that fail to protect tenants from abuse are overhauled.

If you believe it’s wrong for a landlord to neglect critical maintenance and risk tenants’ safety, throw tenants into homelessness and refuse to communicate adequately with them, and even abandon such property when caught red-handed, join us in calling on the province to change the legislation that is meant to protect renters. The situation at Kensington Manor is proof that these laws and weak enforcements protect slumlords — not communities.

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