ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

Massive Journalism Ethics Fail at the Edmonton Sun

Edmonton based Postmedia columnist Lorne Gunter wrote a column on December 6, 2016 defending Ezra Levant and the controversy surrounding him during a recent rally he held where protesters chanted “lock her up,” in regards to Premier Rachel Notley.

Poll: Saskatchewan residents reject outdated, ineffective campaign finance laws

Brad Wall Took Money From Who?

Saskatchewan has the worst campaign finance rules in Canada. Here's the proof

It was a close contest for which province has the worst campaign finance laws. 

Brad Wall has raised more than $3 million in out of province corporate donations since 2006

When Brad Wall rolled through the Calgary Petroleum Club’s wood paneled walls on June 8th he got the headlines he wanted.  

The Wildrose lobbyists behind Jason Kenney's campaign to take over the PC Party

Unite Alberta Ltd.'s registered office is the same office of two Wildrosers turned lobbyists

Jason Kenney is wrong: Unite Alberta is not a non-profit at all

With Unite Alberta Ltd. operating in legal grey zone why is the Kenney campaign saying Unite Alberta is a non-profit when it isn't?

PPA lawsuit means government is fighting big utilities that want to privatize profits and socialize risks

How a 16 year-old Ralph Klein time bomb went off and put all Albertans at risk 

Progress Alberta calls for wage rollback of anti-minimum wage advocates

Ezra Levant's Rebel Media now sending out Wildrose Party fundraising emails

New email shows a developing business relationship between Wildrose and Rebel Media