ICYMI: News From Progress Alberta

Over $29 million in public funds diverted to elite private schools every year

Six new or modernized schools, 116 new playgrounds or 290 new teachers.

That’s what Alberta’s public education system could immediately gain if we stopped subsidizing the 17 most elite private schools — schools that charge over $10,000 in tuition per student — with $29.1 million dollars of public funds each year.

Carding doesn't need a sham review. It needs to stop

The Stolen Sisters & Brothers Awareness Movement and Black Lives Matter Edmonton have called for a reset of the Edmonton Police Commission's street check review, and here's why you should support them.

We need to talk about Lorne

If Postmedia wants to remain a trusted source of news, they need to do some thinking about the platform they give to Lorne Gunter.

UCP Caucus Still Flirting With The Rebel

Just a few months ago in August Jason Kenney condemned The Rebel's "alt-right editorial direction." Now his caucus members are already doing Rebel interviews again.

Is Edmonton city council flirting with privatized transit again?

Edmonton's city council has been shaken up a bit by the recent municipal election -- and now it looks like pro-privatization advocates want to re-open this summer's debate about ETS.

Kudos to the Minister

Jason Kenney and his anti-LGBTQ2 backers pushed as hard as they could against the government's student privacy law Bill 24 -- but Albertans pushed back.

Work with Progress Alberta

We are seeking a full-time field organizer who is based in Calgary or Edmonton to join our team.


The disgusting #UniteTheRight white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia -- which culminated in the murder of Heather Heyer by car attack by an extreme-right white supremacist -- has left us asking what we can do here, from Alberta, to fight the spread of hate.

Open letter to Rachel Notley on methane

Methane is the Rodney Dangerfield of greenhouse gases. It gets no respect.

ICYMI: Notes from Desmond Cole's tour

If you missed Desmond Cole's Stop Carding tour in Alberta, we've got a summary here -- including a full transcript of his powerful presentation in Lethbridge.