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Clear Water Academy going private saves Albertans roughly $1 million dollars

Finally, some good news.

Last year we brought your attention to Clear Water Academy, the public school that looked and felt like a private school. It charged $12,000 a year in fees and it charged a $10,000 family bond but somehow it was fully funded by Albertans. We now know what this arrangement is coming to an end.

Everything you need to know about Alberta’s byzantine K-12 education system

There are many reasons that privatizing education is harmful for society — it deepens inequality, segregates students based on class, religion and other factors, siphons money and resources  away from the public system, and doesn’t even result in improved learning.

But it also just makes the education system really complicated to parents to understand - especially for parents who are not university educated, work two or more jobs or who don’t have English as a first language.

The Sweet Seventeen (Part 1)

There are 182 private schools in Alberta. But only 17 of those are what we describe as “elite” private schools — charging over $10,000 per year in annual tuition. There’s broad public support for defunding private schools in general -- but  it’s the “Sweet Seventeen” elites that we should start with.

What school has $42 million in the bank but still gets $5 million a year in public subsidies? Webber Academy

Private schools in Alberta have a deeply conservative history. Few exemplify that as much as Calgary’s Webber Academy, which charges $18,000 per year for tuition as well as a $6,000 enrolment deposit — and received over $5 million in public funding in 2016-17.

How did Alberta get the most expensive private school subsidies in all of Canada?

Alberta's private school subsidies have surged to the highest in Canada. Here's how it happened

A few weeks ago, Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party released its draft policy framework. Headlines focused on its most overtly extremist elements, including massive tax giveaways to the rich, abolishing the carbon tax and privatizing health care.

But one insidious line slipped under the radar: a pledge to “ensure equal funding regardless of school choice — public, separate, charter, home or private.”

Over $29 million in public funds diverted to elite private schools every year

Six new or modernized schools, 116 new playgrounds or 290 new teachers.

That’s what Alberta’s public education system could immediately gain if we stopped subsidizing the 17 most elite private schools — schools that charge over $10,000 in tuition per student — with $29.1 million dollars of public funds each year.

Carding doesn't need a sham review. It needs to stop

The Stolen Sisters & Brothers Awareness Movement and Black Lives Matter Edmonton have called for a reset of the Edmonton Police Commission's street check review, and here's why you should support them.

We need to talk about Lorne

If Postmedia wants to remain a trusted source of news, they need to do some thinking about the platform they give to Lorne Gunter.

UCP Caucus Still Flirting With The Rebel

Just a few months ago in August Jason Kenney condemned The Rebel's "alt-right editorial direction." Now his caucus members are already doing Rebel interviews again.

Is Edmonton city council flirting with privatized transit again?

Edmonton's city council has been shaken up a bit by the recent municipal election -- and now it looks like pro-privatization advocates want to re-open this summer's debate about ETS.