Not all of the UCP caucus have been terrible on LGBTQ2 rights and one of the few who have made a real effort is Member Leela Aheer.

Member Aheer has spoken in favour of measures to protect LGBTQ2 people in the past, has made appearances at events like the Pride brunch while other UCP MLAs dodged them and hid, and hasn't seemed as tied to the lake-of-fire set as many of her colleagues.

If anyone in the UCP can be convinced to do the right thing on Bill 24 it's Aheer and we're hoping you'll join us in sending her a letter urging her to do the right thing. 

Use our letter tool below to send Leela Aheer an email today. Bill 24 goes to a vote Tuesday afternoon.

You can edit the letter as you see fit. And if you have the time, get her on the phone at 403-207-9889.